Shae Wyatt needs to show he can be 49ers' next slot receiver

Tulane v Kansas State
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Shae Wyatt isn't one of the undrafted free agents with a big reputation to be signed, but the shifty slot receiver has some potential for the 49ers.

Welcome to yet another edition of The Undrafted Corner, as we take a look at the San Francisco 49ers' undrafted free-agent class from 2023 that will be competing for spots on the final roster as training camp and the preseason games inch ever closer.

We've been taking a good look at the offensive skill players to begin with and we conclude that particular portion as we look at former Tulane wide receiver Shae Wyatt, the second UDFA wide receiver on the list.

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Wyatt had 35 receptions for 692 yards and seven touchdowns for the Tulane Green Wave last season, showcasing some potential to make big plays at the next level while helping Tulane to a successful season with a 46-45 upset of USC in the Cotton Bowl.

However, despite the everlasting need for quality slot receivers in the NFL and Tulane's big season, one aspect of Wyatt that pushed him down is his lack of speed, with a 4.60 40-yard time, despite being a good size at 6-foot-0 and 188 pounds.

With a lack of game-breaking speed, Wyatt will have to show strong hands and route running in order to make the plays expected at the next level for San Francisco. While blazing speed isn't necessarily a must to operate in the 49ers offense, the ability to separate and gain yards after the catch is essential.

While Wyatt was able to be productive at Tulane, speedier defensive backs mean that there are some question marks over his ability to do that.

The wide receiver corps is set for San Francisco in 2023 so making the final roster is probably unlikely to happen for Wyatt but if he can show some potential to the team and get stashed onto the practice squad, then he can potentially be a factor for 2024.

The only question for him will be whether or not he has the potential to flourish in the 49ers offense.

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