49ers are reportedly trying to land Top 10 pick by trading a star player

This would be quite the move...
San Francisco 49ers, Brandon Aiyuk
San Francisco 49ers, Brandon Aiyuk / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Thursday night, the San Francisco 49ers won't be on the clock for quite some time as the 2024 NFL Draft kicks off.

Currently holding pick no. 31 after winning the NFC last season, the 49ers and their fan base will get to enjoy the rest of the draft as they and the Kansas City Chiefs wrap things up.

Or, will they?

One of the latest rumors leading up to draft time has the 49ers looking to move into the top 10 picks. But how would they do it? Dianna Russini with the latest potential bombshell:

Could the 49ers trade Brandon Aiyuk or Deebo Samuel during the draft?

We've seen players traded during the draft before, so it wouldn't be too shocking. It also wouldn't be too surprising if the Niners dealt wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, as his name has been amongst plenty of trade rumors the last few weeks.

While the 49ers are currently paying Deebo Samuel on a 3-year, $71.5 million deal, Aiyuk is also desiring a new contract as well. But, it doesn't seem too likely that the team would be willing to pay top dollar for two wide receivers.

Now, what we might not have seen coming is the idea that San Francisco could end up trading Samuel instead of Aiyuk. There is an 'out' in Samuel's contract in 2025, where the Niners could save some money by cutting him.

But, if they were to see Aiyuk as the more important piece to this offense, on a long-term basis, then trading Samuel and obtaining top draft capital would be in their best interest rather than waiting to make a move next year, with Samuel being a year older.

Aiyuk hasn't had nearly the amount of injury concerns as Samuel over his career, and is two years younger. Maybe, moving Samuel isn't such a bad idea after all.

And, if the 49ers could get into the top 10 of this year's draft by trading him? Well, that seems like a no-brainer. San Francisco might just end up swapping Samuel for a guy like Washington's Rome Odunze, which would be a monstrous victory for John Lynch and company.

Whatever ends up happening, you can rest assured that the 49ers are not comfortable staying at pick no. 31 and it should be no surprise to see them make a move to land themselves quite a bit higher.