Ranking out the 4 most important 49ers games of 2023

San Francisco 49ers versus Philadelphia Eagles
San Francisco 49ers versus Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages
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No. 2 most important 49ers game: Week 13 @ Eagles

Now, this next matchup preview should be a doozy of a game: A highly anticipated rematch of the 2023 NFC Championship versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

Coming fresh off their Super Bowl LVII (57) loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Philly will undoubtedly be playing with a little extra passion.

After losing both starting QBs with game-ending injuries, the 49ers were severely handicapped and offensively limited when they were eliminated by Philadelphia. Many, including wide receiver Deebo Samuel, felt like San Francisco would've represented the NFC in the Super Bowl had it not been for some unfortunate breaks at the position.

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Of course, the Eagles will be hell-bent on proving the championship game was no fluke and they were the team that belonged.

So, as the great Hall of Fame wide receiver who once played for both organizations said, "Get your popcorn ready!"

Should be a blast, thanks for the soundbite, Terrell Owens.