Could this radical draft plan fix 49ers' offensive line woes once and for all?

With a draft full of talented offensive linemen and the 49ers having more draft picks than needed, what if the team went aggressive in fixing the offensive line issues?
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In a draft full of talent across the offensive line, Niner Noise looks at an aggressive strategy that could set the 49ers to fill the holes on the right side of their blocking unit.

With the 2024 NFL Draft less than a week away, the San Francisco 49ers will be thanking their lucky stars that in their return to the first round of the draft, the biggest strength of this year's class happens to correspond to the biggest need of their roster.

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The Niners have a Super Bowl-worthy roster, but it's just about unanimously agreed the right side of the offensive line, at both tackle and guard, requires an upgrade if it's to go one better in 2024 and win it all. In addition, the team has to consider that left tackle Trent Williams isn't getting any younger either.

San Francisco possesses 10 picks in the draft, way too many for a team ready to win now.

So, why not go aggressive and plug the holes with such a deep class? Two picks, two trades up the order, two long-term fixes.

Finding the heir to Trent Williams

Trade 2

The first trade is pretty simple, as the 49ers go back to an old trading partner to facilitate this deal.

According to the draft pick value chart, a rough but useful guide to pick trading, the Niners will need about two late third-round picks to make up the difference between No. 31 and No. 21 overall.

San Francisco is already due some compensatory draft picks in 2025, so trading a future third-round pick is essentially a free swing of the bat. With it, the 49ers pick a raw but exceptionally talented tackle who could become one of the elite blindside protectors in the NFL.

21. 21. . Offensive Tackle . Amarius Mims. 42. . Amarius Mims. player. Georgia

We've talked about Mims before, and I even mocked him to the Niners in my mock draft at No. 31. It's worth noting, however, that it represents the floor of his range and I have advocated trading up for him before. The 49ers have an interest in Mims, and it makes sense to be sure of getting him rather than waiting it out.

Mims can start 2024 at right tackle before moving over to the blindside after he spends time as Williams' understudy.

As for the second round, we now look to the Cleveland Browns and eye their pick at No. 54 overall. I chose the Dolphins above because they lacked many early picks and could be looking at extra draft capital.

The Browns fall in the same category:

Trade 2

The 49ers hand over a pair of their fourth-round picks (and receive a sixth-round pick back) to move up to No. 54 overall where they pick a guard who's as safe a pick as possible to be a 10- year-plus starter.

54. . Zach Frazier. 42. . West Virginia. player. Guard. Zach Frazier. 54

Zach Frazier is a favorite of a lot of draft pundits, and some even think he could go on Thursday night. That's probably a bit too rich for him, however, and he projects as a safe Day 2 pick to be on the interior.

The best thing about Frazier is the interior versatility. He can even be a center if the Niners want to put him there.

Two big trades, two selections to bolster the offensive line for the immediate future.

With so many picks, it's at least plausible for the 49ers to consider making a big splash in the NFL Draft.

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