Prospects way too good for 49ers to pass up at No. 31 (who aren't tackles)

An offensive tackle has been a very common position mocked to the 49ers at No. 31 in the draft, but what are some other prospects that might slide that should be under consideration?
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Cooper DeJean
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Of all the prospects in the NFL Draft, Iowa defensive back Cooper DeJean has some of the more fluid projections when it comes to his draft range. I've seen some arguing he should be top 10, and I've seen some argue he shouldn't be a first-round pick.

As usual, the correct answer is somewhere in the middle. He's not a top 10 prospect, but he isn't going to fall to Day 2 either. But, given teams think he might need to move to safety, there's a good shot he might slide far enough that the 49ers could either nab him at No. 31 or be in a position to trade up for him.

A good size at 6-foot-0 and 203 pounds, DeJean has some interesting versatility. Teams differ on his natural position and whether it's on the outside, as a nickel or as a safety. This concerns some teams, but the Niners greatly value defensive versatility and could find him a perfect candidate to fill the No. 2 corner role.

DeJean played well the last two seasons with a combined seven interceptions and 13 passes defended. He's also a strong run defender, and shines in that regard which is held in high regard by teams.

DeJean has a very fluid draft stock, but his fit in the 49ers defense is certainly something that can't be ignored.

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