Prospects way too good for 49ers to pass up at No. 31 (who aren't tackles)

An offensive tackle has been a very common position mocked to the 49ers at No. 31 in the draft, but what are some other prospects that might slide that should be under consideration?
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Quinyon Mitchell
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4. . Cornerback. Quinyon Mitchell. Quinyon Mitchell. 2156. 4. . player.

A few prospects always seem to get hyped more than perhaps they should. People fell in love with the athletic potential of Toledo cornerback Quinyon Mitchell, but with the latest news showing him potentially sliding down draft boards, it may yet be possible for the 49ers to take him if he slides far enough.

Walter Football detailed how the small school cornerback may not be necessarily the top cornerback prospect on the board for teams looking for secondary help:

"While Mitchell is still viewed as a nice prospect, a few sources said the coaches were not as enamored with his college tape than the post-Senior Bowl and post-combine hype train would suggest. The staffs see some very raw elements to Mitchell’s game and feel he is going to need serious development to avoid giving up some plays to pro receivers. Coming from the MAC, that is somewhat understandable. But as a result of various coaches viewing Mitchell as needing development, he may not be the first cornerback taken in the 2024 NFL Draft and could end up going behind Alabama’s Terrion Arnold and/or Clemson’s Nate Wiggins."

Charlie Campbell, Walter Football

There's still a lot to like about Mitchell. He's got experience in both man and zone coverage schemes, and he's a good size at 6-foot-0 and 193 pounds. He's very fast and competitive, although his aggressiveness does sometimes leave him exposed as he tried to go for the highlight play instead of playing it safer.

The end result is an exciting talent, but a raw one. This could see him slide down the board, and into the waiting arms of the Niners.