4 potential trade packages for 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk

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With the 2024 NFL Draft only weeks away, will the 49ers extend wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, or will he become the center of a trade package sold to the highest bidder?

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch has refuted, and stands firm, on any speculation that Brandon Aiyuk will be traded this offseason.

Weeks later, Aiyuk very adamantly stated that he’s not going anywhere. Only to have rumors speculating that he's demanded a trade after unfollowing the Niners on social media, rumors that were subsequently shot down by his agent.

Great, so what does that mean?

Ignore the “warm and fuzzies” you’re getting right now. Because it means absolutely nothing until they can come to terms on a new contract, and the star wideout has signed on the dotted line. Besides, if all is well and a deal is imminent, then why wait?

Say what you will about how both sides are loyal and how the organization wants him on the field.

The truth of the matter is that this is a man who knows his worth and has already stated publicly that he is unhappy with his current contract. On the other side, you’ve got an organization that already has too many high-priced contracts and a very small window to win a championship.

Can both sides come to a workable agreement? Only time will tell. 

However, if both parties can’t agree, then it would be wise of Lynch and Co. to get the best deal they can while they still have the opportunity to do so.

With uncertainty hanging in the balance, here are four possible trade packages for Aiyuk.