5 potential replacements for Brandon Aiyuk (if 49ers trade him)

Should the 49ers ultimately move on from Brandon Aiyuk, here are five potential replacements for him.
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Ladd McConkey
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4. Ladd McConkey

Ladd McConkey is a product out of Georgia. While he is only 6-foot-0 and weighs 186 pounds, he could make sense for San Francisco depending on where he falls in the draft.

In his last season at Georgia, he had nearly 500 receiving yards and two touchdown catches, but his season was shortened by injury. 

Also, this could depend on what the Niners get for Brandon Aiyuk if they did trade him. If they traded him and got a second-round pick, then perhaps they could use that pick to select him if he falls below his late first-round projection.

5. Luke McCaffrey

Luke McCaffrey makes sense on the 49ers even if he wasn’t the brother of their star player. He is everything that head coach Kyle Shanahan wants out of his receivers: smart, hard on themselves, and a fast learner.

The younger McCaffrey only picked up the wide receiver position in the middle of college at Rice after he was a quarterback. He learned the position quickly, and it stands to reason that he has not yet reached his potential in the position. 

All he has done is impress and turn heads either at the Senior Bowl or the NFL Combine, so you know that he is someone the 49ers are going to be interested in. He would not replace Aiyuk right away, but perhaps a few years down the road, he could prove to be a solid top wide receiver option for the team.

The Niners aren't likely to trade Aiyuk, but if they did, one of these names could serve as a viable replacement.

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