Which 49ers' potential 'legacy' draft picks would be the best fit?

Which son or brother of a current or former 49ers player is the best fit via the 2024 NFL Draft?
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Luke McCaffrey
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Best fit: Wide Receiver Luke McCaffrey

The 49ers could reunite Christian McCaffrey with his brother Luke in the draft. The younger McCaffrey showed promise in college at Rice and has continued to impress at the Senior Bowl as well as the combine.

He makes sense the most of these wide receiver options because he has more versatility as a guy who can potentially return punts for the team as well as being a depth wide receiver.

McCaffrey may also have an easier time integrating himself into head coach Kyle Shanahan's offense given the connection between the Shanahan and McCaffrey families. If he is anywhere near as smart and hardworking as his brother, it should not be too much trouble for him.

In sum, all four of these players are a bit of an oblique fit for the 49ers. They are already covered at these positions, but they must consider the fact that Deebo Samuel and Christian McCaffrey will not be on the team forever, so perhaps they can develop their stars of the future who also have a connection to the past.

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