Let's overreact to these 5 things from 49ers OTAs

San Francisco 49ers Offseason Workout
San Francisco 49ers Offseason Workout / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages
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49ers OTA overreaction No. 1: Trey Lance has Sam Darnold beat at quarterback

Alright, so we're concluding that Sam Darnold being ahead of Trey Lance on the depth chart is an overreaction, right?

So, the opposite has to be true, right?

Again, incorrect.

Let's be clear: Lance has the significantly higher ceiling over Darnold. That's hard to argue against, yet it doesn't automatically translate into Lance being the better quarterback. After all, the No. 3 overall pick from the 2021 NFL Draft has only four regular-season starts and is a massive unknown entering his third year.

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Darnold, the 2018 third overall pick, is much less of an unknown but clearly went through some awful situations with both the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers prior to arriving with the 49ers this offseason.

If one thing is clear, though, Kyle Shanahan and the Niners like Darnold a lot and aren't hesitating to give him plenty of attention.

Even if San Francisco invested so much in Lance, previously, those efforts aren't going to be enough to ensure Darnold loses this competition.

No, it's still very much wide open.

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