Let's overreact to these 5 things from 49ers OTAs

San Francisco 49ers Offseason Workout
San Francisco 49ers Offseason Workout / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages
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49ers OTA overreaction No. 2: Sam Darnold has Trey Lance beat at quarterback

In the first week of OTAs, Trey Lance got all the first-string reps at quarterback, while Sam Darnold worked with the second-string unit.

Kyle Shanahan subsequently told reporters that things would even out, and the two signal-callers (who could essentially be vying for backup duties to a still-injured Brock Purdy) would both split first-team reps.

Darnold got those first-team reps in Week 2. And, at least according to Jack Hammer of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Darnold is out-passing Lance:

So, that means Darnold is in the driver's seat over Lance, right?

No. Not even close.

According to another report from Grant Cohn, neither quarterback was particularly aggressive during practices, even though now would be the time to try "airing it out" and testing the defense when the offense usually has all the advantages.

Completion percentage during OTAs means about as much as a broken tackle when tackling isn't allowed.