Mike Florio has major Captain Obvious moment when discussing Brandon Aiyuk

Yeah... we figured that one out on our own, Florio.
San Francisco 49ers v Washington Commanders
San Francisco 49ers v Washington Commanders / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

The biggest storyline surrounding the San Francisco 49ers right now is whether they can sign star wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk to an extension.

A trade is possible but seems unlikely, and NFL reporter Mike Florio made this point in a very Captain Obvious way.

Florio made these obvious statements on ESPN's The Pat McAfee Show. The clip can be seen below as well as the sarcastic reaction from host of the 49 Karats Podcast, Steph Sanchez:

In the clip, Florio makes the fairly obvious statement that the 49ers want to keep Aiyuk, but he also. seems to suggest that Aiyuk may end up playing without an extension and then will sign with another team for a big contract next offseason. He believes that if the Niners were going to trade Aiyuk, they would have already done so ahead of the NFL Draft.

Even if this is not the most original analysis, Florio was still just asked a question about Aiyuk and did his best to answer. However, Niner fans are going to take any chance they can get to tee off on Florio because he has a history of bad takes about the 49ers.

Most recently, he said that the Detroit Lions are the team to beat in the NFC next season. He also had a silly take on the Cowboys last season as well. Not to mention the time he said Purdy's last name sounded like "turdy" which is the exact kind of analysis we turn to professional NFL writers for.

Florio is probably right about the fact that the Niners plan on keeping Aiyuk and that if they planned to move on from him they already would have done so. But every time the guy opens his mouth about the Niners, you know that fans will be parsing every single word to see any potential slight against the team.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what his next bad take will be.

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