Can Logan Thomas finally solve a problem the 49ers have had for years?

One thing that head coach Kyle Shanahan has been desperate for is a strong second option at tight end behind George Kittle.

Can veteran signing Logan Thomas fill this need?

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Commanders
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The 49ers will be hoping that signing Logan Thomas will finally solve their problem at tight end behind George Kittle, at least for the short term.

New free-agent signing Logan Thomas presents an interesting signing as the San Francisco 49ers look to go one better in 2024 and win the Super Bowl, and it represents a struggle in the Niners' otherwise excellent roster construction that the team has consistently struggled to field.

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Longtime starting tight end George Kittle is a team legend and a probable future member of Canton when he retires, but the team has been struggling to find good play behind him when he's injured or in need of a rest despite several attempts. Former long-term backup Ross Dwelley, now with the Atlanta Falcons, never made it to 20 receptions in a season, and he was arguably the most consistent option behind Kittle.

In addition Kittle being in his 30s means San Francisco also has to cast an eye on his successor, preferably because Kittle inevitably swaps the pads for wrestling tights and starts showing off his Macho Man Randy Savage impersonation.

Thomas provides a potential solution in terms of a reliable backup if not a potential successor.

Despite playing on a poor Washington Commanders team, Thomas recorded 55 receptions for 496 yards and four touchdowns in what was his statistically best season since 2020.

In a more dynamic offense like what San Francisco possess, Thomas could provide a reliable presence for the team which it hasn't been able to fill for many season.

San Francisco will get a better look at Thomas when training camp opens and if he can build a rapport with quarterback Brock Purdy.

Should Thomas be able to pick up the playbook quickly and build himself a role in the 49ers offense, the newest member of the roster could very well be a crucial one as the Niners look to win the first Lombardi Trophy in three decades.

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