Last Chance San Fran Fans: Bet $5, Get $200 Promo for SF-KC Expires Today!


San Francisco fans can be forgiven for not wanting to bet on their final game of the season: the stakes are high enough already, right?

Well that's why you'd be wise to take advantage of FanDuel Sportsbook's $200 bonus offer for new users — getting an extra $200 on a $5 wager means you can know you've made a good bet no matter which side you take.

Here's everything you need to know about unlocking that $200 bonus.

FanDuel San Francisco-Kansas City Promo: How to Claim $200 Bonus

  1. Use this exclusive link to sign up for FanDuel Sportsbook (no promo code required)
  2. Verify your identity and deposit $10+ into your account (depositing less than $10 won't unlock the bonus)
  3. Make your first bet a $5+ wager (it can be on either team)
  4. If your bet wins, automatically receive your $200 bonus!

This gives you a couple of options. If you're a real diehard, you can go ahead and put that $5 on the Niners. Celebrating a win with an extra $200 bonus would be some serious icing on the cake.

But if you're a nervous fan who likes to hedge? Then maybe you put that $5 wager on the Chiefs. It would still hurt horribly if San Fran lost, but at least you wouldn't be walking away totally empty handed.

The choice is yours!

SF-KC Moneyline: FanDuel's Odds

So here, San Fran is a -130 favorite and KC is a +110 underdog. A $130 bet on SF would return $100 if they won, and a $100 bet on KC would return $110 if they won.

That means a $5 bet on San Fran would usually return $3.85 in winnings, and $5 on KC would return $5.50.

Add an extra $200 bonus to the winnings for either of those wagers and you can see why this bonus is such a great value!

Odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.