Ladybug Luck: San Francisco 49ers fans need this shirt


Brandon Aiyuk's incredible 51-yard catch against the Detroit Lions helped sparked an equally impressive comeback in the NFC Championship.

Brock Purdy's throw bounced off Kindle Vildor's facemask and popped into the air. Aiyuk, running full speed, snagged the ball.

You know the play. But here it is again anyway, just for fun.

After the game, he had an interesting explanation for the catch. It wasn't all the work he's put in. It wasn't his freakish athletic abilities.

Rather, it was the happenstance of a ladybug landing on his cleats before the game.

"Before the game, a ladybug landed on my shoe, and y'all know what that means," Aiyuk told on Erin Andrews postgame (via Bleacher Report). "That's all I can say, cause other than that, I don't know. Just great luck. God was with us today. Great win, bang bang Niner gang."

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