Kyle Shanahan channels inner Jim Tomsula with radical facial hair

Kyle Shanahan is now battling it out with former head coach Jim Tomsula for the best moustache in 49ers history.
San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan
San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Kyle Shanahan has gone from clean shaven to a 5 o'clock shadow many times, but he's now opted to go with the classic mustachioed look.

Deep down, every man wants to have a moustache.

In my case, the wife would disown me. But, when I've let the full beard grow out, I can't help but shave out everything but a moustache while admiring it for a short while prior to shaving that, too, albeit feeling slightly disgruntled while doing so.

Niner Noise has plenty of all-time lists out there, but perhaps we should run one called, "Best moustaches in San Francisco 49ers history."

Former head coach Jim Tomsula would be close to the top of the list, even though his mustachioed look from the 2015 season led to a mere 5-11 campaign for the team.

Now, though, Tomsula has some heated competition from the Niners' current head coach, Kyle Shanahan.

Kyle Shanahan is now rocking a Jim Tomsula-like moustache

Shanahan's facial hair has changed a lot since taking over the team back in 2017. He's gone with the clean-shaven look to the "I haven't held a razor in 20 days" look, too.

But, as revealed during the wedding of his star running back, Christian McCaffrey to Olivia Culpo, the head coach's grooming has now taken on a brand new look.

Check out Shanahan to the far right of the picture (if you couldn't tell already) next to tight end George Kittle (left) and fullback Kyle Juszczyk (center):

Super Bowl No. 6, guaranteed.

Whether or not Shanahan opts to keep the moustache into training camp and the regular season is anyone's guess.

We can only hope it sticks around for a while. Perhaps it even winds up getting its own social media accounts, too, which would be something.

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