Kyle Shanahan reveals which 49ers player is the best in the NFL

Kyle Shanahan revealed in an interview which 49ers player he thinks is the best in the NFL.

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Commanders
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The San Francisco 49ers have many weapons on offense, and head coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed in an interview that he believes Christian McCaffrey is the best of them all.

Kyle Shanahan says Christian McCaffrey is the best in the NFL

In a sit-down interview with 49ers radio announcer Greg Papa, the head coach discussed several topics, including his team's two legitimate MVP candidates. 

He showered quarterback Brock Purdy with praise, saying that the job he has done since taking over the offense as a rookie has been nothing short of remarkable.

Shanahan also heaped praise on fullback Kyle Juszczyk, saying that although he doesn’t get the ball often, he could still be one of the most dangerous players on offense if he got the ball more.

But Shanahan saved his highest praise for running back Christian McCaffrey.

After Papa brought up the fact that McCaffrey has led the league in rushing from Week 1 to the end of the season, Shanahan made sure he demonstrated how impressed he has been with his running back, saying, "He’s had the best year as an offensive player that I’ve been a part of."

That is high praise coming from a guy who was the offensive coordinator during Matt Ryan’s MVP season with the Atlanta Falcons, not to mention other impressive offensive years on the various teams he’s coached for.

But it speaks to the year that McCaffrey has had. He has done it all: in the rush game, in the pass game, when he’s blocking. And let’s keep in mind that he did it all while playing in every meaningful game for the 49ers during the regular season. 

While it seems unlikely that he will be given an MVP this year, since it is an award that usually goes to quarterbacks, Niners fans know who the true MVP this season was.

And Kyle Shanahan knows it as well. 

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