No, John Lynch didn't trade a 3rd-round pick for Chase Young. It's much better than that

The 49ers made their big splash at the trade deadline, obtaining EDGE Chase Young from the Commanders for a deal that essentially carries no downside or payment whatsoever.
San Francisco 49ers v Minnesota Vikings
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An edge rusher with five sacks already for the season, for only $600,000 towards the cap hit and no draft picks essentially given up? It can only be a John Lynch trade.

The San Francisco 49ers are no stranger to making deals at the NFL trade deadline, and that proved to be the case once again after the team traded a third-round selection to the Washington Commanders for EDGE Chase Young.

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The move reunites him with his teammate Nick Bosa, as the former Ohio State Buckeyes will now be bookending the defensive line. Young has five sacks for the season amid a strong campaign and will join a defensive line full of exceptional talent.

While San Francisco fans will be dismayed at the lack of a cornerback as well, the intention is obvious: The 49ers need to get to the quarterback better, and a stronger defensive line will put more pressure on the opposing quarterbacks while giving them less time to throw.

In theory, this should help the cornerbacks. Again, in theory.

The genius in this move isn't just that the Niners are only on the hook for $600,000 this year, but the team technically won't be giving up any picks at all unless Young stays for 2024 and beyond.

While the idea of having Young on the team for even longer would be a nice thought, at the end of the day, the 49ers would just recoup their pick anyway.

Essentially, they're trading nothing to bring him in as they look to correct their defense.

And if they can keep Young for a reasonable price that won't kill the salary cap, so much the better. Maybe Bosa can convince his old teammate that his future is in the Bay Area.

But at the end of the day, this is a genius John Lynch move. The trade is effectively for nothing, and there are no salary cap implications at all. There's no downside to the move, it's a free swing at a position of need.

Now, the only question remains: What will it do for the 49ers on the field?

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