Is Jack Colletto the 49ers' future at fullback?

Oregon State v Washington
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Jack Colletto probably doesn't have an immediate avenue to the San Francisco 49ers roster, but could he be an option to stash on the practice squad?

Welcome to the new miniseries of The Undrafted Corner, where we take a closer look at the undrafted free agents on the roster who are fighting for roster spots on the San Francisco 49ers. With stars and established role players assured of a roster spot, the preseason is most interesting looking at those clawing for one of the final spots on the team.

With our first article we took a deep dive into running back Khalan Laborn, so let's stay in the backfield and take a look at fullback Jack Colletto and what his outlook is this season.

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Colletto was a two-way player at Oregon State being listed as both a fullback and a linebacker for the Beavers. It is worth noting that the Niners have him as a fullback only on their official team roster, so don't expect Colletto to be on the defensive side of the ball.

Colletto had the role of goalline back for the Beavers, with 22 touchdowns on only 111 carries in his collegiate career. Colletto is 6-foot-3 and 237 pounds, which is almost identical to Kyle Juszczyk at 6-foot-2 and 235 pounds, so he has the size that San Francisco likes at the position.

Obviously, Juszczyk isn't going to be bumped off the roster as one of the many Swiss Army knives that litter the 49ers offense, but he isn't getting any younger at 32 years of age.

While he hasn't shown signs of slowing down yet, this is where Colletto potentially comes in.

Colletto is a player not auditioning for the team in 2023 but for the future. He has an excellent mentor to work with so if he can show the potential to be the successor to Juszczyk, he can be on the main roster when the latter retires. The good news is since so few teams use a fullback in the modern game, the odds of him being plucked off the practice squad are very slim indeed.

Watching Colletto in training camp and in preseason games will be very intriguing. If he flashes some athletic potential, he'll have a spot reserved for him on the practice squad with an eye to being a starter in the future.

Not one for the immediate future, but one to keep an eye on for the next generation of this offense.

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