George Kittle makes Brock Purdy pay for losing hilarious bet

Brock Purdy lost a bet to George Kittle, and the tight end made the quarterback pay for it.
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy (13) with tight end George Kittle (85)
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy (13) with tight end George Kittle (85) / Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It only figures that George Kittle would want to rub it into Brock Purdy that Iowa beat Iowa State over the weekend.

Personally, having been in the San Francisco 49ers media room at Levi's Stadium, the occasional time a player walks up to the podium wearing something out of the ordinary almost always sparks a good chuckle and a laugh among the media in attendance.

Probably one of the better recent examples was the quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo t-shirt that tight end George Kittle would wear to his press conferences.

Speaking of Kittle, don't bet against him and lose. He'll make you pay for it.

Just ask quarterback Brock Purdy.

George Kittle makes Brock Purdy pay for Iowa State loss to Iowa

Kittle went to Iowa for his college ball. Purdy went to Iowa State for his.

The two colleges happened to play each other over the weekend, and it just so happens that both Kittle and Purdy placed a bet on the game.

The loser would have to do something embarrassing. After Iowa's 20-13 victory. that loser was Purdy.

His punishment? Donning an Iowa Hawkeyes mascot helmet into the Niners' Thursday post-practice press conference.

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"Whoever lost the game had to wear the other team's mascot helmet up here," Purdy told reporters. "So, here we are."

Had Iowa State won, it would have been Kittle donning the helmet of the Cyclones' mascot.

It sure seems as if Purdy was a great sport about it, although he probably could have made the argument about Iowa State winning if he had been playing there at the time. After all, the quarterback set multiple school records during his four-year tenure there.

Purdy also might have set a new record by being the first 49ers player to wear an Iowa mascot helmet in the media room, too. That's probably never been done before.

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