3 game-changing Canadians 49ers should select in 2024 NFL Draft

The 2024 NFL Draft is just days away and once again there are some Canadians to keep your eyes on.
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No. 1: Wide reciever Ajou Ajou

One of the coolest names on both the CFL and NFL scouting sheets, Ajou Ajou comes from Brooks, Alberta, Canada. He's a 6-foot-3, 218-pound wide receiver who would be more of a project than an instant starter.

Ajou played high school football in Edmonton before spending two seasons at Clemson, with former first overall pick Trevor Lawrence, and one at the University of South Florida. He was also in the Bay Area at Clearwater Academy.

The contract/trade saga with current wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, might push general manager John Lynch to draft an underrated player with a later round pick. Ajou was given special eligibility to be in both CFL and NFL drafts according to TSN's Dave Naylor:

Ajou has more tight-end speed to him, but his lengthy strides make it tough for defensive backs to tackle him, His big frame also gives his quarterback a nice pocket to throw towards.

Injuries have been an issue for the prospect which could hinder any chance he has of being selected over the weekend. There's a chance he gets picked in the CFL Draft and can make a name for himself in Canada before coming back south of the border.

This year's draft could be another historic one for Canada and it takes place in Detroit, Michigan April 25-27.

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