Fred Warner's reaction to Dre Greenlaw injury will tear at your heart

Man... that's tough to watch.

San Francisco 49ers linebackers Dre Greenlaw (L) and Fred Warner (R)
San Francisco 49ers linebackers Dre Greenlaw (L) and Fred Warner (R) / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Fred Warner was more than just a little emotional after Dre Greenlaw suffered a serious Achilles injury in the Super Bowl.

One of the biggest turning points in Super Bowl 58 was when linebacker Dre Greenlaw tore his Achilles while running back onto the field.

Up until that point, Greenlaw and the Niners defense had done an excellent job limiting the Kansas City Chiefs' top receiving threat, tight end Travis Kelce, over the first half. After Greenlaw was carted off the field, it was clear that KC was going to take full advantage of the star linebacker's absence.

It worked, and Kansas City ultimately won in overtime, 25-22.

Greenlaw's injury was a blow to San Francisco's defense, no question. But few felt it as hard as Greenlaw's All-Pro linebacker mate, Fred Warner.

Fred Warner has heartbreaking reaction to Dre Greenlaw's injury

Mic'd-up players always provide a unique perspective on game day, and occasionally they'll offer up some great humor.

In the case of Warner's reaction to Greenlaw's injury, the microphone and associated video evidence provided heartbreak. Check out the full reaction from Warner, courtesy of Ari Meirov of The 33rd Team:

Defensive end Nick Bosa consoled Warner on the sideline and points out, "we've gotta snap out of it for him."

Warner, clearly shaken, takes to a knee and offered up a prayer for his teammate.

After the game, Warner relayed his thoughts on Greenlaw's recovery and showed full confidence in his teammate being 100 percent in the not-too-distant future.

"I have no doubt in my mind he'll come back better than he was," Warner said. "He's made of the right stuff."

The duo of Warner and Greenlaw is regularly viewed as the top linebacker duo in the NFL, and their efforts over the course of 2023 will likely suggest the exact same heading into next season.

About the only caveat, though, is whether or not Greenlaw will be fully recovered from his devastating Achilles tear.

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