4 former 49ers QB's who are free agents (and one who will be soon)

There are several former 49ers quarterbacks who will be free agents as well as one who may join them fairly soon.

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Jimmy Garoppolo
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Former 49ers available in free agency: Jimmy Garoppolo (probably)

Good ole Jimmy G. He led the 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance and won them a number of playoff games, all with that classic made-for-TV grin on his face. His tenure with the team was filled with victory, defeat, injury, drama, and controversy.

The same can be said for his brief tenure with the Las Vegas Raiders this past season. He struggled on the field, got hurt, and was ultimately benched. To add insult to injury he has been slapped with a two-game suspension to begin next season for a PED violation.

The Raiders seem all but certain to cut him as they reassess their quarterback situation. There will probably not be a lot of buzz for him once he hits the free agent market, but he can still be a serviceable backup in the NFL.

We can pretty safely rule out a reunion with the 49ers. While Garoppolo said all the right things while he was still with the 49ers, it is clear from his passive aggressive statements since he has left the team that there is not a lot of love lost between him and Kyle Shanahan.

While he knows the playbook as well as just about anyone, it just would not make sense and would cause too much drama to bring him back just to be a backup to Purdy.

Those are five former 49ers quarterbacks who are going to be available in free agency in all likelihood. The best fit of the five would probably be Sudfeld, but the Niners may opt to bring in a few options if they cannot get either Darnold or Allen back.

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