4 former 49ers QB's who are free agents (and one who will be soon)

There are several former 49ers quarterbacks who will be free agents as well as one who may join them fairly soon.

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The San Francisco 49ers know that their starting quarterback in 2024 is going to be Brock Purdy, barring injury.

However, their backup quarterback situation is less clear.

Perhaps they could sign one of several former 49ers quarterbacks to back up Purdy.

4 former 49ers quarterbacks who will be available in free agency

The two backup quarterbacks that the 49ers had last season, Sam Darnold and Brandon Allen, are both going to be free agents this offseason. However, outside of them there are still four former Niners quarterbacks that are on the market.

Plus, there is one other former 49er QB who seems very likely to become a free agent soon.

Not all of them are potential fits for San Francisco, but a reunion could make sense for some of them as the 49ers ensure they have a solid backup behind Purdy.

Thankfully, neither Darnold nor Allen were needed much last season as Purdy was able to start every game. The 49ers will be hoping that Purdy can repeat that next season, but we have seen the injury bug at the quarterback position have an effect more than once the last several years.

The 49ers may opt to draft a quarterback to back up Purdy. However, head coach Kyle Shanahan may be reluctant to bring in a rookie who will be unfamiliar with his playback who may face a steep learning curve and adjustment period.

Plus, outside of Purdy, Shanahan's track record in drafting quarterbacks for the 49ers has been mixed, if you want to be charitable, and poor if you are a bit harsher.

It could make a good deal of sense to bring in a player who has some familiarity with his offense to back up Purdy so in case he goes down, he has someone he trusts to step in.

The first former Niner signal-caller that we will examine was on the team not that long ago, and Brock Purdy actually cost him a spot on the team.