8 former 49ers who will be available in free agency (and 4 who may return)

There are a number of former 49ers who will be available in free agency, and several of them may have a decent chance of returning to the red and gold.

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As the San Francisco 49ers embark on another offseason, there are plenty of former Niners available in free agency.

Believe it or not, a reunion with San Francisco makes sense for both sides with several of these players.

8 former 49ers who will be available in free agency

The 49ers have an interesting offseason ahead of them. They have a number of impending free agents, and with the salary cap being what it is, it seems highly unlikely that they are going to be able to bring everybody back.

Plus, once you add in the fact that signing Brandon Aiyuk to a contract extension will rank among the highest priorities for the team, assuming they do not trade him, it makes it even more difficult to keep all of the pieces that made the 2023 Niners such a great team.

Thankfully, their core will remain intact going into next season. All of the leaders and indispensable players on both offense and defense are signed for next year, so there is still a good chance the 49ers will be NFC contenders next season if they stay healthy and those key players produce at their potential.

However, to win a championship you need to be a well-rounded team and you need to have depth. The Niners have been bitten by the injury bug enough to know how essential it is to have players you can trust when your starters go down with an injury.

That is why free agency will be so important for the team this offseason. There are a number of holes and areas on the roster in which they can improve. It could make a lot of sense for San Francisco to bring in one or two familiar faces who are familiar with the system on both offense and defense.

Let's take a look at eight former Niners who will be available in free agency and examine which ones could potentially be candidates to return to the team.