Deebo Samuel is living rent free in this Lions defensive back's head

Yes, even players can have spats on social media. It's not just 49ers Twitter that gets into it.
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel (19)
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel (19) / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Exactly why Lions safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson is calling out 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel is anyone's guess.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel isn't an overly controversial guy, but he occasionally makes the rounds in the smack-talk department.

Not long ago, Samuel took no issue calling out Los Angeles Rams All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald multiple times after Donald asked, "Who?" in a media session when the press asked him about Samuel's efforts in a Niners-Rams game.

That was sort of prompted. Donald had to know who Samuel was by that point, right?

Either way, it appears as if the Donald-Samuel feud has quieted down a bit.

But that doesn't mean Samuel is without feuds altogether. In fact, there's a nifty social media spat going on between him and Detroit Lions defensive back C.J. Gardner-Johnson right now, too.

Why, though?

Deebo Samuel stirred up something in C.J. Gardner-Johnson, no one knows what

This particular story begins not long after Samuel and the 49ers got into a pregame scuffle in Week 6 against the Cleveland Browns, and Samuel was in the heat of it alongside left tackle Trent Williams.

For some reason, Gardner-Johnson took exception to it and started throwing shade at Samuel for "needing" Williams to back him up in a fight:

Not one to back down or stay quiet after the blatant call-out, obviously, Samuel had a pretty epic response of his own of an on-field fight Gardner-Johnson had when he was with the New Orleans Saints:

Gardner-Johnson then had some more pressing comments aimed in Samuel's direction.

Kyle Posey of Niners Nation transcribed the football-related ones below:

"You was the same guy who was just requesting a trade out of San Fran, cause y’all ain’t got no quarterback, You was the same guy complaining that they could use you like a running back, cause you’re not a receiver.

I exposed you last year on that field when you didn’t have a quarterback and didn’t wanna play like that for real. Come on, Deebo. I’m 25-years-old and one of the best safeties in the league.

You tap out every game, so I ain’t worried about that. You damn sure would tap out when you see me. For somebody who can’t run routes — we got it on film, there’s evidence. For somebody who talks, and run from people, there’s evidence, it’s on film.

Don’t be friendly when you see me. You better hope all that talking you’re doing when we see you, whatever round it may be, cause I can guard you, you can’t run routes, you’re a running back.

Because you got a little bag, people gave you a little clout, you ain’t nothing. Stop playing."

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Exactly why Gardner-Johnson suddenly feels compelled to call Samuel out to such a degree is anyone's guess, and it does appear as if Samuel is living in the defensive back's head without having to pay rent.

Even Samuel acknowledged it:

Regardless, it's likely both Detroit and San Francisco fans will be disappointed if the two teams (and the two players) fail to meet each other in the postseason this year.

Because a Samuel versus Gardner-Johnson showdown would probably be pretty epic.

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