Christian McCaffrey wastes little time tying NFL record, gets to 17 straight games with a TD

Christian McCaffrey has been inevitable, and the star running back has wasted little time inching closer to the NFL record for most consecutive games with a touchdown.

Cincinnati Bengals v San Francisco 49ers
Cincinnati Bengals v San Francisco 49ers / Loren Elliott/GettyImages

Star running back Christian McCaffrey has been nothing short of dominant since coming to the 49ers a little over a year ago, and he now inches ever closer to a NFL record.

It might be starting to get a bit boring reading this but nevertheless it still bears repeating: running back Christian McCaffrey has crossed for a touchdown yet again.

It's now 17 straight games that McCaffrey has crossed for a touchdown, creating more of a barrier between him and legendary wide receiver Jerry Rice for the franchise record and now putting him to within one touchdown of the longstanding NFL record.

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The current record stands at 18 games with Baltimore Colts running back and Hall of Famer Lenny Moore holds the record, with the run of games stretching from 1963 to 1965. The record has been matched by fellow Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson who tied the record in games ranging to 2004 and 2005. Moore missed some games during his record while Tomlinson did not, so there's some conjecture as to whether or not Moore's record counts as truly consecutive.

McCaffrey will suffer no such problems if he ties the record in the next 49ers game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, having appeared in every game since coming over to San Francisco in a midseason trade with the Carolina Panthers last year.

Should he do so, he simply needs to score after the 49ers bye week against the Jacksonville Jaguars to claim the record as his own.

For now though he has another job to do, as the 49ers currently trail the Cincinnati Bengals 14-7 in the second quarter as the team seeks to avoid a third straight loss.

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