Christian McCaffrey breaks two franchise records as he dominates Seahawks

The 49ers have had a fast start against the Seahawks with running back Christian McCaffrey dominating yet again.

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks
San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

Christian McCaffrey can't be stopped, and his latest touchdown for the 49ers has seen him break two more franchise records in what has been an unstoppable season.

The San Francisco 49ers are currently leading 24-3 at halftime in the harsh environment of Seattle against the Seattle Seahawks, and it should come as no surprise that running back Christian McCaffrey has scored one of the two touchdowns.

Not only has McCaffrey been almost unstoppable this season but his tying of the NFL record for most consecutive games with a touchdown, while shattering the franchise record in the process, has demonstrated the kind of rare company that McCaffrey has enjoyed.

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This continued on Thanksgiving, where his first touchdown saw him tie two records held by legendary 49ers running back Roger Craig.

McCaffrey would then demonstrate his dominance once again, scoring on another rushing touchdown where he literally made half the Seahawks defense look foolish to allow him to break both franchise records in one single play.

Given how much of the season there is to go, the fact he's broken it at such a relatively early juncture is incredible, and it isn't too much of a stretch to say that McCaffrey has had the best season by a 49ers running back in history.

McCaffrey came via a midseason trade with the Carolina Panthers last year, a move that was criticized by some but might very well now be considered the single best midseason trade by any team ever.

The 49ers have a demanding lead in the first half and a firm command of the NFC West along with it. In addition, the loss by the Detroit Lions today means the 49ers can also take back the No. 2 seed in the NFC.

The team simply needs to see the game through to put them in a good spot for the run home of the season.

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