Just checking... yep, Brock Purdy is still worthy of MVP despite what haters say

With a month of games left to go, Brock Purdy has done what he needs to do for the MVP race, a remarkable race to be in given his circumstances.
Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Another week, another win, another game where Brock Purdy embarrasses critics with an elite performance as he once again cements his credentials in the MVP race.

Sooner or later, you have to think that the people who still cling to the outdated and debunked belief that San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy is just a check-down merchant who relies on his teammates to do the work for him would just, well... stop clinging to it.

It just begs belief that people refuse to give Purdy his flowers, constantly trying to shift the goalposts on what makes a quarterback an asset to his team, not just a beneficiary.

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I mean, seriously, if having elite weapons and coaching around him disqualifies him from being a quarterback worthy of the highest praise, then what are the Philadelphia Eagles' Jalen Hurts and the Dallas Cowboys' Dak Prescott also doing in the MVP discussion?

Exactly, it's ridiculous.

They've earned their spot in the MVP debate, too, but they don't have to jump through the same hypocritical hoops that Purdy is subjected to. It's beyond stupid.

Brock Purdy had MVP-like performance (again) vs. Seahawks in Week 14

OK, deep breath, rant over. Let's talk about his performance in the Week 14 win over the Seattle Seahawks.

Purdy didn't have it all his way, but he still recovered for an MVP-worthy performance. Purdy finished the game with 19-of-27 passing, 368 yards (a career-high), two touchdowns and an interception off a Brandon Aiyuk drop. It should be noted that despite the deflection from the wide receiver, Purdy threw the ball poorly as a result of a mixup between the two.

Purdy has been exceptional throughout the season, helping lead the team to a 10-3 record and the top spot, currently, in the NFC.

It's not just advanced metrics, but also basic stats:

One of those touchdowns was a perfect deep ball that hit wide receiver Deebo Samuel so perfectly in stride, that he didn't have to make any adjustments whatsoever.

Yet another deep ball to embarrass the haters:

And if anyone you know still isn't a believer of the difference Purdy makes to San Francisco, this little deep-ball stat and comparison to former quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo should make it pretty clear exactly what Purdy brings to the table other than a capacity to masterfully execute head coach Kyle Shanahan's offense:

Purdy may or may not win the MVP yet, and a month is a long time to go. But the simple truth that the haters must face is that he is well and truly deserving of his spot in the race for the coveted honor.

That a young quarterback drafted as Mr. Irrelevant in 2022 and coming off elbow surgery could do this is something special indeed. It's become clear more and more the Niners struck gold in the best possible way when they made that selection.

And for every game, he makes every hater from the cretins with a social media account to analysts on TV look more and more foolish. Maybe an MVP award might give them the push to admit they were wrong.

Of course, they could but knowing how people are, it's doubtful.

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