3 CFL players the 49ers should scout during the 2023 season

The 2023 Canadian Football League season is underway and there are a few players who might peak the San Francisco 49ers interest.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers v Hamilton Tiger-Cats
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Cody Grace
Calgary Stampeders v Saskatchewan Roughriders / Brent Just/GettyImages

No. 3: Cody Grace, punter

The 49ers are set on Mitch Wishnowsky being their punter for the foreseeable future. Rightfully so. Wishnowsky is averaging 45.2 yards per punt in his career. He’s also been able to send the ball past the 20 yard line 42 percent of the time since he’s taken over the position. These are pretty respectable numbers.

In the CFL, pinning opponents in between the goal line and 20-yard line is the goal. If you’re able to get them to start within their own 5-yard line or less, it’s even better.

Cody Grace does a phenomenal job of making sure the other team has a long field.

In the first game of 2023, Grace kept sending the B.C. Lions back as far as he could. He had six punts for 315 yards and an average of 52 yards per punt. (Keep in mind the CFL field is a bit longer, but this doesn’t discredit how well Grace did.)

We know Wishnowsky isn’t afraid of putting his body on the line and neither is Grace. Here he is last season, recovering his own kick against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Grace broke his finger on the play, but the Stampeders were able to score a touchdown shortly after. Definitely a special teams player to watch as the year progresses.