Cam Newton comes to Brock Purdy’s defense after Super Bowl loss

"He played well enough for his team to win."

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

It's been over a week since the red and yellow confetti fell at Allegiant Stadium signaling another Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl win and disappointment for the San Francisco 49ers.

There will be constant debate over why the Niners lost this game, but one thing feels pretty certain and it's that Brock Purdy wasn't the reason why San Francisco fell to the Chiefs in overtime.

Even former NFL MVP Cam Newton, someone who had been very critical of Purdy in the weeks leading up to the big game agreed that this L isn't on Purdy.

While hosting his "4th and 1 Show" on YouTube, Newton recognized that Purdy did a good enough job to lead San Francisco to victory.

Instead, Newton put the blame on the Niners coaching staff:

Cam Newton: 'It's not Brock Purdy's fault'

Newton was stunned when the Niners decided to take the ball first in overtime, stating, "Why the f*** did they take the ball first?" He mentions how CBS Sports color analyst Tony Romo said on the broadcast something to the effect of "When you know what you have to get, now you have four downs to get it."

Newton says that by the 49ers taking the ball first, they just had to get points. Newton says, "That's not Brock Purdy's fault, that's bad coaching."

While there has been some controversy following the game due to some players admitting they didn't know the overtime rules had changed, it's not entirely crazy for San Francisco to have taken the ball first. The defense was completely gassed when regulation wrapped up. If the 49ers defense had to trot right back out there, the Chiefs offense likely moves the ball with ease and scores a touchdown.

Of course, from there, the Niners would have known that they too had to score a touchdown or the game would be settled. The difference is that San Francisco could have potentially gone for two points and ended the game right then and there.

It's easy to say this now in hindsight, obviously. But at the time, head coach Kyle Shanahan knew the Niners wanted the ball first. Newton says that's bad coaching on Shanahan's part and he's not pointing fingers at Purdy.

No one is, though, to be fair, nor should they be. Purdy did his part and the loss cannot be pinned on him.

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