What was Brock Purdy's 40-yard time at the NFL Combine?

Brock Purdy truly isn't that fast, right?

Iowa State quarterback Brock Purdy at the NFL Combine
Iowa State quarterback Brock Purdy at the NFL Combine / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

49ers quarterback Brock Purdy has shown some elusiveness as a scrambler, and his NFL Combine 40-yard time might surprise you.

He might not seem to be the most athletic quarterback in the NFL by any means, but San Francisco 49ers signal-caller Brock Purdy managed to flash some speed over the course of 2023.

His rushing prowess was instrumental in helping the Niners win the 2024 NFC Championship game over the Detroit Lions, too. Some of those scrambles were absolutely vital in San Francisco picking up first downs and extending drives en route to the Super Bowl that postseason.

So, what was the kind of straight-line speed that Purdy displayed at the NFL Scouting Combine prior to being the very last pick of the 2022 NFL Draft?

Brock Purdy 40-yard time at 2022 NFL Combine

The former Iowa State quarterback was invited to participate at the 2022 combine at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, and his 40-yard time was of note.

Purdy officially clocked a 4.84 40-yard time at the NFL Scouting Combine.

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Desmond Ridder of Cincinnati, whom the Atlanta Falcons eventually selected, was the fastest quarterback in Purdy's class, boasting a 4.52 40-yard time.

Purdy, meanwhile, was fifth in this class at the position.

Interestingly enough, Purdy's 40-time was not that far off from Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who posted a 4.80 40-yard dash back at the combine in 2017.

Many a fan and analyst consider Mahomes to be an excellent scrambling quarterback, whereas Purdy doesn't necessarily have that association despite being only a tick slower during his own pre-draft workouts.

The numbers show that Purdy definitely possesses his own ability to make plays with his legs.

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