5 bold Super Bowl predictions for San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Super Bowl is finally upon us, and what's a Super Bowl without some predictions for the big game?

Super Bowl Opening Night
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Christian McCaffrey
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Prediction No. 4: Christian McCaffrey will win Super Bowl MVP award to cap off the season

Now we're getting to the thick of it. The Super Bowl prediction and the Super Bowl MVP, let's get the latter out of the way first.

Simply put, the 49ers are going to feed Christian McCaffrey the ball. He's the best weapon the 49ers possess, and it just so happens to neatly fit in with the point that the Chiefs are horrible at defending the run. The team is inevitably going to do this.

And there's also the fact McCaffrey has just been damn near unstoppable even against excellent run defenses. Even if you stuff the box, he simply destroys you as a receiver out of the backfield.

It shouldn't shock anyone if McCaffrey has a ridiculous stat line like 150 yards rushing, 50 yards receiving and three total touchdowns. That's the sort of matchup he has and the talent he possesses.

The last running back to win Super Bowl MVP was Terrell Davis for the Denver Broncos in 1997. He had a similar stat line as I just predicted on the ground with 157 yards rushing and three touchdowns. But he didn't have the receiving stats that a running back will need nowadays to be considered for the award.

McCaffrey will.