5 bold Super Bowl predictions for San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Super Bowl is finally upon us, and what's a Super Bowl without some predictions for the big game?
Super Bowl Opening Night
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With the Super Bowl only days away, Niner Noise makes five predictions for the big game between the 49ers and the Chiefs.

If your nerves are rattling more and more the closer we get to Super Bowl day, then you can at least be assured you aren't alone.

With the biggest game of the year mere days away, the festivities are well and truly underway as the San Francisco 49ers look to equal the NFL record of six Lombardi trophies as they look to halt the Kansas City Chiefs dynasty that's made their fourth Super Bowl appearance in the last five seasons.

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You can't have a Super Bowl without predictions, and you certainly can't have a Super Bowl featuring the 49ers without some Niner Noise predictions. So let's not waste any time and let's get started.

Prediction No. 1: George Kittle will record 75 yards and a touchdown in his Super Bowl return

We all remember the end of the 49ers last Super Bowl loss, where a despondent George Kittle is standing on the sideline and promising his return to the big game.

You know, this one:

So, yes. Kittle has somewhat of a large chip on his shoulder that will play out for this game. While it's doubtful against this powerful Chiefs defense that he'll have an all-time performance, he's going to be even more motivated than you'd think given this is a Super Bowl.

Kittle is a man of his word. Look at his normally cheerful face all serious and his usually chipper personality giving way to despair. Does that look like someone who's lying?

Indeed, 75 yards and a touchdown seems like a realistic stat line for Kittle. Given the Chiefs' fearsome front four having an advantage over the 49ers offensive line, Kittle might be seeing quite a few targets underneath.