4 biggest remaining 49ers needs after the first wave of free agency

The 49ers started the new NFL league year with a flurry of activity, but some questions still remain.

Here's a look at where the 49ers roster could still be improved as the free agency frenzy calms down.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
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Offensive LIne

Improving the offensive line is something that we've covered quite extensively here at Niner Noise of late: Jeremy Wohlfart's latest article contains three possible offensive line prospects in his five possibilities for the Niners in round one, whereas, in my last article on this site, I also put up five possibilities for improvement in the trenches.

So much discourse has been applied to this position largely because of its failings down the stretch for the 49ers. Yes, apologies to anyone suffering from PTSD, but there's no doubt that Spencer Burford's now-infamous missed block and an overall malaise in the pass blocking in Super Bowl LVIII have brought these quiet anxieties about the 49ers' protection moving forward back onto the front burner.

Where to improve is more of a question. Depending on who you ask, you could be forgiven for believing that four of the five available positions might be available, with Trent Williams the only player entrenched as a starter. I'm a little higher on Aaron Banks than most seem to be, so I'd say the left side of the line is in good shape (a long-term replacement for Williams notwithstanding), but beyond that, the line in general could use an infusion of depth and cost-controlled talent.

Perhaps if the guard and center market hadn't seen some insane deals in the early days of free agency, the 49ers might have been in for one of the more experienced and battle-tested players, but with that saturation undeniable, it's probably more likely we see some movement there in the draft.