Adam Schefter drops a bomb that pretty much confirms Brandon Aiyuk is done with 49ers

His departure is starting to feel more like 'when' and not 'if.'
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With every new wide receiver deal – like the record-setting one that the Vikings just gave Justin Jefferson – the 49ers' standoff with Brandon Aiyuk gets a little more tense. He's already a no-show at the team's offseason workouts, which is not as much surprising as it is a sign that things between the two sides aren't going super well.

And while Jefferson's contract does, in theory, give the Niners' front office a more specific set of parameters to work with, it doesn't entirely sound like that's the route they're taking. If Adam Schefter's podcast is to be believed – which, generally speaking, it can be – SF's front office took a different approach: trying to trade for Jefferson himself.

Schefter drops a bomb that pretty much confirms Aiyuk is done with 49ers

On a recent episode of his podcast, Schefter went into a (tiny) bit of detail about how Jefferson's negotiations went, and how close the star actually was to leaving Minnesota. At one point, Schefter mentions a handful of teams that tried to trade for him, albeit unsuccessfully. Among those teams, he mentions the Jets, Colts, and 49ers as teams that gave the Vikings a ring.

"Every team that called the Vikings before the draft was told 'we're not trading him,'" he added. "The conversations went nowhere with anybody."

On one hand, when you hear that *Justin Jefferson* is available, you at least make a few calls. He's one of the few transcendent players whose positional fit doesn't really matter. If he's available to be traded for, any GM worth their salt would try.

On the other, that sure doesn't feel like the actions of a team trying to sort out their in-house wide receiver issues first. It's not the most damning sign that Aiyuk's time in SF has already come to a close, but if the front office has already moved on – or at least tried – to other options, the writing's starting to show up on the wall. Maybe cooler heads prevail and the two sides work something out closer to training camp, but right now things don't feel great.