6 takeaways from 49ers 21-20 preseason win over Broncos

The 49ers won against the Denver Broncos in their second preseason game 21-20. Niner Noise details some takeaways from the contest.
Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers
Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers / Loren Elliott/GettyImages
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For the 49ers and the rest of the NFL, preseason is a time to evaluate the deeper ends of the roster. This game against the Denver Broncos, though, had a little more importance.

For the first time since his elbow injury against the Philadelphia Eagles, quarterback Brock Purdy saw game action. Although only the preseason, it was an important step for Purdy to gain confidence in his arm, and for the 49ers to see that their presumptive starting quarterback is looking alright.

That doesn't mean the game itself wasn't entertaining. The 49ers' first-team units left the game in a dead-even draw with the Broncos, 3-3, and there wasn't much scoring until the second half, where Sam Darnold led the 49ers to a touchdown. The Broncos responded twice, and then the 49ers, with Trey Lance at the helm, managed to score a touchdown and then led the team down the field with Ronnie Bell playing a critical role before Jake Moody hit a game-winning field goal as time expired.

Let's take a look at six key takeaways from the 49ers win over the Broncos on Saturday night.

Takeaway #1: Brock Purdy is ready to continue his scorching start to his NFL career

It really would not have mattered if Brock Purdy looked rusty or below-average in his brief cameo against the Broncos. After all, a UCL injury is nothing to sneeze at. But Purdy was efficient and effective in his on drive, finishing 4-5 for 61 yards, a sack, and a rush for 8 yards.

Granted, Purdy's throws were not particularly stressing, but at this stage of the game, he looked exactly like the quarterback he was before the injury. That's all the 49ers needed to see. So long as Purdy continues this recuperation, the 49ers will be ready for Week 1 in Pittsburgh.