49ers stand pat, take exciting pick to fill need in final quickfire mock draft

With the NFL Draft imminent, Niner Noise does one final mock draft for the first round during one of the most unpredictable buildups ever to Thursday night.
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The NFL Draft is upon us. But what will this unpredictable buildup (even by NFL Draft standards) into Thursday reveal? Niner Noise takes a guess with one last quickfire mock draft before the first round begins.

The 2024 NFL Draft is upon us, and I for once can't wait. The unpredictable buildup combined with the San Francisco 49ers possessing a first-round selection for the first time since 2021 means this is the most exciting it's been for some time.

Niner Noise unveiled a mock draft a little over a week ago, but a lot has changed in the NFL Draft landscape since then, and that naturally has affected the draft stock of quite a few prospects.

You can take a look at the in-depth mock draft here:

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But what's the difference between that mock draft and this one? Well, just a few ground rules:

  • The draft order remains the same as the first mock, which means no trades other than the Minnesota Vikings moving up to No. 5.
  • The pick from the first mock will be included, for quick reference.
  • No detailed rundowns of the prospects, most of them can be found in the first mock draft above.

With the NFL draft imminently upon us, let's take a look at the final quickfire mock draft for 2024.