49ers select RB Isaac Guerendo with the No. 129 overall pick in the NFL Draft

After trading for the No. 129 overall pick from the Jets, the Niners grabbed a tough, speedy running back out of Louisville.
Louisville v Pittsburgh
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The San Francisco 49ers, not long after selecting Wake Forest safety Malik Mustapha, traded up to the New York Jets' fourth-round choice at No. 129 overall, giving up their two fifth-round picks (Nos. 173 and 176 overall), leaving the team with no fifth-round picks at the time of writing.

Does that mean no steals this year?

The Niners used the newly-acquired pick to select Louisville senior running back Isaac Guerendo, adding some immediate depth to a running back room that seems to be in constant need of it.

It's possible the 49ers traded up due to a surprising run on mid-round running backs, with four out of the last five picks being at the position.

Guerendo is an intriguing pick, as he has a very nice blend of size and speed, running 4.33 40-yard speed -- the third fastest time at the combine -- and combining that with a large frame at 221 pounds.

While he doesn't have much starting experience, coming to Louisville after being barely used at Wisconsin, therefore only really getting carries late in his college career, he does flash good receiving ability and also carries kick return experience, which may be useful as the 49ers search for answers at that position following Ray-Ray McCloud's departure.

Guerendo joins a crowded running back room, but with his speed and size, possibly gives the 49ers something they don't currently have at the position, as well as a relative lack of tread on his tyres. There's a potential spot opening too given Elijah Mitchell's injury troubles and the short time remaining on his contract.

This feels like an attempt to find a Raheem Mostert-like change of pace back, and Guerendo could be one to watch in the exhibition games this summer as Christian McCaffrey gets a rest.

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