49ers should be scared after these 4 draft picks landed in NFC West

The 49ers got stronger after the NFL Draft, but so did the the rest of the NFC West, unfortunately. These five selections especially should cause some concern for Niners fans.
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Arizona Cardinals

Marvin Harrison Jr.. Wide Receiver. Marvin Harrison Jr.. 4. 4. . . Ohio State. player. 32

49ers fans were no doubt hoping the rumors of a trade between the Arizona Cardinals and the Minnesota Vikings were much than smoke, and then no doubt groaned and rolled their eyes when the Cardinals stood pat and took Marvin Harrison Jr. with the No. 4 overall pick.

There isn't much about Harrison Jr. that hasn't already been said, and he should be the generational receiver the Cardinals haven't had since Larry Fitzgerald retired.

A mismatch at 6-foot-3 and 209 pounds, Harrison Jr. is a threat on every level with his size, polished route running and his speed (which isn't explosive, but enough to get away from defenders in the open field).

A receiver who doesn't drop balls, can block with the best of them and will make plays in contested situation, Harrison Jr. really does do it all.

Cornerback. Rutgers. player. Max Melton. Max Melton. 43. . 43. 452.

There's been enough drooling about Max Melton on this site, given he was one of the my biggest draft crushes in the entire draft process.

So I'll simply quote myself as to why he's such a weapon to fear on the defensive side of the ball.

"What Melton has is a relentless motor. He gives maximum effort with every play and is an aggressive and relentless defender. San Francisco's defense had some admitted problems with effort, and Melton provides the spark that the team might need to go one better next season.

Part of the spark is his willingness and skill in run support. Run defense was a weakness for the 49ers this season, so anything that helps is welcomed. What's also welcomed is his versatility where he can fit in either a man- or a zone-based scheme, so the Niners won't need to worry about fit.

Physically, Melton might be slightly undersized at 6-foot-0 and 190 pounds (this is his Rutgers-listed mesasurables), but he's strong, physical and he's fast enough to run with any corner. From an athletic standpoint, he ticks the boxes you need from a NFL-caliber corner."

Jeremy Wohlfart, Niner Noise

Of course, it seemed logical that after such a long love affair that he would be taken by one of the NFC West rivals instead. Such is life.