49ers rookie forced to change his team allegiance after being drafted

Jarrett Kingston was, gulp... a Rams fan?
USC offensive lineman Jarrett Kingston at the NFL Combine
USC offensive lineman Jarrett Kingston at the NFL Combine / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Jarrett Kingston, the 49ers' day-three NFL Draft pick, was forced to abandon his Rams fandom after being selected by San Francisco.

It's rare to find Los Angeles Rams fans in Northern California (it might be rare to find Rams fans anywhere at all outside of the greater LA area... and some holdouts in St. Louis).

Sorry, but it's the truth. And there are likely more San Francisco 49ers fans in Southern California than Rams fans anyway, another hard truth.

That said, the Niners found a Rams fan from way up in Northern California, their 2024 sixth-round NFL Draft pick, offensive lineman Jarrett Kingston, out of USC.

Anderson, who grew up in Anderson, which is just outside of Redding, California, admitted that he was an LA fan growing up.

"My whole family is from LA, so I wasn't forced to be a Rams fan, but I kind of grew up being a Rams fan," Kingston told Lindsey Pallares of 49ers.com. "I was also a USC fan growing up, and I followed [linebacker] Clay Matthews his whole college career and followed him to the Packers. So, I was also a Packers fan, but not anymore."

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The collegiate allegiance makes sense, including an adoration of Matthews, who was long a thorn in San Francisco's side.

Still, following both Los Angeles and Green Bay is a big no-no for the 49ers' fanbase.

Fortunately, Kingston is swiftly ditching his Rams fandom and embracing all things Niners. Considering nearly all his friends in Northern California were San Francisco fans, it's an easy transition.

"Pretty much all my high school buddies are 49ers fans," Kingston added."It was cool getting that role with them, too, because they're huge 49ers fans, and now, I'm a huge 49ers fan."

Welcome to the good guys, Jarrett.

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