Which 49ers' potential 'legacy' draft picks would be the best fit?

Which son or brother of a current or former 49ers player is the best fit via the 2024 NFL Draft?
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Terique Owens
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Slightly better fit: Wide receiver Terique Owens

Terique Owens played wide receiver for three seasons at Missouri State. He put up some decent numbers, especially in his senior year where he has 28 receptions for 528 yards and four touchdowns.

It seems unlikely that Owens will be drafted, and he has stated as much, but perhaps he could make sense as an undrafted free agent for the team just as a low-risk, high-reward depth piece.

We can only hope that if he is a 49er, he is a little less dramatic than his dad was as a player.

Brenden Rice
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Pretty good fit: Wide receiver Brenden Rice

Brenden Rice, the son of the greatest wide receiver in NFL history, is available in this year's draft. He had some solid seasons at USC where he established himself as a deep threat and developed chemistry with the presumptive No. 1 overall pick in the draft, quarterback Caleb Williams.

The 49ers do not have an explicitly deep threat option on the team other than Danny Gray who is looking more and more like a bust. It is not a huge part of their offense, but perhaps it could be if they draft Rice.

The 49ers should probably not go out of their way to draft Rice, even though it would be cool to see Jerry's son on the Niners. If the younger Rice falls to the later rounds and they have already addressed other more pressing needs, then he could make sense.

Now, onto the best fit.