Which 49ers player has the best shot with Taylor Swift (if Travis Kelce blows it)?

Never in our 'Wildest Dreams' did we think Taylor Swift would take over the NFL.
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In a non-serious piece, Niner Noise discusses the new NFL power couple of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, and which 49ers players could also have a chance.

After spending the summer selling out NFL stadiums, including Levi's Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, it seems like international mega-star Taylor Swift is enjoying watching football.

After Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce talked about wanting to meet Swift after her performance at Arrowhead Stadium, the rumor mill went bonkers.

On a random Sunday afternoon, however, the rumors were true and both Kelce and Swift are indeed hanging out, which became quite the talk after Week 3's game between KC and the Chicago Bears at Arrowhead.

Kelce confirmed the news also in his podcast, New Heights with his brother Jason Kelce from the Philadelphia Eagles.

On a broad scope, this is great for the NFL. They've been trying to get Swift to perform at the Super Bowl for many years now. They understand just how large of an audience she attracts. Especially after her recent show "The Eras Tour," she was setting stadium attendance records. She was also the first female to headline the new Alligent Stadium in Las Vegas.

For further proof of just how powerful Swift and her "Swifties" are, Kelce jersey sales went up 400 percent, the NFL changed their TikTok header to (Taylor's Version), which is what she adds to her re-recorded albums so fans know which ones to stream, and social media in general is still buzzing.

Does anyone remember the NFL also announced Usher as the Super Bowl halftime show performer for this year?!? That news certainly got lost in translation.

It wouldn't be Swift talk without thinking of what might happen... a breakup with Kelce and another album in the future. Obviously, we hope the best for the two of them, but this begs the question which 49ers player might have a shot if Swift becomes single again?

Which 49ers player could date Taylor Swift next (if it ever happened)?

A dynamic friendship with Swift would be tight end George Kittle and his wife, Claire. The couple have been together for years now, but both have the same outgoing personality in public as Swift does.

Imagine hanging out with the Kittles, Kelce and Swift! George Kittle is already good pals with Kelce, so that part of the equation exists already.

But truthfully, the only 49ers player who is currently single and eligible is Sam Darnold. As an Eagles fan, it’s tough to think Swift would want to date a Niner. But Darnold isn’t necessarily in a serious situation at the moment (based on a quick look at Darnold’s Instagram).

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Darnold and Swift do have a lot in common. They’re both used to playing in sold-out NFL Stadiums, travel a lot, and have been under scrutiny from the media based on their performances.

It would also be a great topic on the Niner Noise Podcast!

However this relationship between Swift and Kelce ends up, the positive attention the league has gotten is great. As Swifties continue to watch more football, the 49ers have an opportunity to convert them to the right side, with a successful season and hopefully a long playoff run.

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