5 49ers moments from 2023 you (probably) forgot about

With 17 weeks in the NFL season it's easy to forget what happened back in September. And, when you're having an exciting year like the San Francisco 49ers are, you just can't remember it all.
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk (L) and quarterback Brock Purdy (R)
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk (L) and quarterback Brock Purdy (R) / Mike Carlson/GettyImages
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Let's begin with the short-term memory. The San Francisco 49ers have locked in a playoff spot, quarterback Brock Purdy is having a career year and running back Christian McCaffery gifted golf clubs for Christmas, which Purdy can't use because he's only making $900,000.

We also remember the 49ers fleeced the Washington Commanders on a trade for a star player when general manger John Lynch sent a couple of draft picks for star defensive lineman Chase Young. The trade has been pretty good for San Francisco. Having Young and EDGE Nick Bosa chasing quarterbacks is forcing some of them to make costly mistakes, which the Niners take full advantage of.

Recently wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk eclipsed the 1,000 yard mark. Since his arrival in San Francisco, Aiyuk has increased his receiving yards steadily. He's averaging nearly 19 yards per reception this season compared to last year when he only averaged 13 yards per reception.

We've seen the true emergence of McCaffery in the 49ers offense. In 2019 CMC had the best statistical season of his career. We're on the verge of seeing him completely smash his personal records with a few weeks left. McCaffery will be on the MVP ballot at the end of the season. He's created such a massive resume this season, that it'll be tough not to vote for him.

But, this is the NFL. It's a quarterback-driven league with three or four QBs who could win the award.

One of those players is Purdy. The man making the least amount of money a draft pick could make will most likely be winning the MVP award or finishing second. Everyone throws around the words "system quarterback," and we could argue Purdy is a system QB. Head coach Kyle Shanahan has a system and Purdy is flourishing in it (I know it's not what the term means but since this is a hot topic every week, may as well run with it).

Now that we've caught up with the basics, let's head back to week three for a rookie's first touchdown.