49ers long-snapper reveals hilarious Cameo request for Madden trash talk

The 49ers' long-snapper, Taybor Pepper, got a classic Cameo request.
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Usually, long-snappers do not make much news in the NFL. The only reason they do is if they mess up when snapping the ball on punts or field goal tries.

San Francisco 49ers long-snapper Taybor Pepper just made some news for a classic Cameo request he received, proving he might be the perfect exception to the rule about players at his position.

Taybor Pepper reveals hilarious Cameo request for Madden trash talk

Pepper made this Cameo request public on the social media platform X.

You can view it below:

If you cannot access the post, Pepper writes, "This is by far the funniest Cameo request I have ever gotten. If you wanna trash talk to your friends, get a Cameo from me!"

In the Cameo request, the user says that their friend Lucas keeps losing to them in Madden. They said that they recently scored on Lucas using Pepper as a tight end. For those who do not play Madden, this is just adding insult to injury because Pepper is rated as a 27 overall with 99 being the highest possible rating in Madden.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Lucas's "friend" lands the final blow saying that Lucas is a great pianist, "but unfortunately [he] has a condition where his fingers stop working when he picks up a controller."

Absolutely brutal.

Pepper is no stranger to trash talk himself. After the Niners beat the Seahawks last season, Pepper decided to trash talk their star wide receiver DK Metcalf in a pretty clever way. Metcalf used sign language to celebrate his touchdowns last season, so Pepper used some NSFW ASL to respond in kind.

That's some clever trash talk right there from Pepper.

Pepper has been a solid long snapper for the Niners since 2020, but it is clear that he has a great personality (and some stellar hair) as well.

You can get a Cameo for yourself, a loved one, or a bitter Madden foe for just $30. Let's just hope that Pepper gives Lucas the inspiration he needs to finally best his friend in Madden.

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