Why these 49ers are getting lumps of coal from other NFL teams

Niner Noise takes a look at which San Francisco 49ers will be getting some coal for Christmas from other NFL teams.

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages
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If the NFL were to do a gift exchange with the San Francisco 49ers, some of them might just be getting coal.

This time of year is always so elegant. Everyone has their houses draped with Christmas décor, snow blankets the empty streets (depending on where you live), the smells of peppermint and gingerbread tickle the nose. And in the workplace, there are many gift-giving events.

But what if the NFL did a gift exchange? Well, you know tight ends George Kittle and Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce would give WWE swag and friendship bracelets to all the tight ends. Quarterback Brock Purdy would hook up his fellow "Mr. Irrelevants" with some corn. Head coach Kyle Shanahan would allow the other head coaches to see his dad's Super Bowl rings, and maybe share a drink with Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniels.

However, the Niners might be nice and give out gifts, but not everyone will give back to San Francisco. According to some, the 49ers may seem like the Grinch.

So, which Niners would get snubbed? Who's going to be getting lumps of coal?

Deebo Samuel

Many teams will be eager to send wide receiver Deebo Samuel a lump of coal or two. He's been terrorizing teams since he came into the league, but this year has truly been his most impactful.

Samuel isn't afraid to trash talk, whether it's during the season or in the middle of March. He talks his talks and can back it up. Flashback to a few weeks ago when the Philadelphia Eagles used his (and other 49ers) quotes to fuel the team.

It didn't end up working as Samuel snatched chains, candy canes and the whole Christmas tree.

You can add the Seattle Seahawks to the list. With three touchdowns in three weeks and a few hurt egos, the 12s certainly aren't eager to send Deebo fun gifts anytime soon.