49ers vs Chiefs: Swifties rank top 5 hottest players in Super Bowl 58

There may be a battle on the field for the Lombardi Trophy, but the winner of most attractiveness might also be worth fighting for.

Super Bowl LVIII Opening Night
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Nick Bosa
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No. 1: San Francisco 49ers edge Nick Bosa

2023 has become the year of Nick Bosa. He's on the SKIMS team which is a clothing company run by Kim Kardashian, who also has Usher, Canadian NBA player Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Chiefs Patrick Mahomes and his family, and international soccer icon Neymar Jr.

There was a video on Tiktok about Nick Bosa on the NFL on CBS account which generated a couple hundred thousand views which you can watch it here.

It's no secret Bosa works out. He needs to be quick and agile as he breaks from his three-point stand to rush the opposing team's quarterback. He has to fight off an offensive lineman who is at least 100 pounds heavier than him.

Bosa is far and away Breanne's No. 1 choice for this list. Listed as 6-foot-4, she said, "He looks great in SKIMS."

You can find Bosa's photoshoot on the SKIMS Instagram page.

Nick Bosa is playing in his second Super Bowl in the last four years. He was a part of the 2019 49ers who lost to the Chiefs. So this game is about revenge and taking what he wanted a few years ago. He's in his fifth year with San Francisco and logged 10.5 sacks and 27 solo tackles.

Honorable Mention

When Breanne first became a 49ers fan, it was the year quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo shined in San Francisco. In a way, he had the same impact on the NFL like Taylor, just without a huge fandom already.

But Garoppolo had fans from other teams watching the 49ers. After their win against the New Orleans Saints in 2019, he had a famous quote with sideline reporter Erin Andrews saying, "Feels great, baby."

Breanne said if Garoppolo was still on the 49ers or was with Kansas City he would be number one on the list because of the jawline, eyes, smile and overall build.

Garoppolo was also a fan-favourite amongst the Faithful when it came to looks and fan engagement. He was always very appreciative of his fans, which adds another element of attractiveness.

Who would you rank number one on your list, Swifties?!