49ers vs Chiefs: Swifties rank top 5 hottest players in Super Bowl 58

There may be a battle on the field for the Lombardi Trophy, but the winner of most attractiveness might also be worth fighting for.
Super Bowl LVIII Opening Night
Super Bowl LVIII Opening Night / Chris Unger/GettyImages
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Every year the Super Bowl draws in millions of views. It's why the price for a 30-second commercial is more than some players' salaries. Companies know people are going to watch and a lot watch just for the ads. But this match-up between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs will have eyes for different reasons.

For this ranking, five-year Niners fan Breanne gave her opinion on who the hottest players were in the Super Bowl, and she narrowed it down to five.

Breanne has been a Taylor Swift fan for many years. She's gone to many concerts including the recent "The Eras Tour." Admittedly, she's watched more football this year to see Swift at the games.

As 49ers edge Nick Bosa agreed, it's not a bad thing to have Taylor shown on TV. Swift is bringing in a whole new era of fans.

Additionally, Bosa should be happy. On a poll by BetUs, he was the No. 1 hottest NFL player, according to Swifties.

When it comes to the Xs and Os of football, Breanne isn't into that. She knows a good play when she sees it, though, and will also point out a terrible drop or an obvious "Why did he throw it to the other team?"

Taylor Swift grew up in Pennsylvania, her dad is a Philadelphia Eagles fan (but seemed to drop them quickly when Travis Kelce came into the mix), he also knew Kansas City head coach Andy Reid long before Taylor and Travis got together, and she's written a song with the Eagles in it. Ever since she started dating the Chiefs' tight end, she's certainly been more into actually watching football. At least in the public eye.

There are many football players whom some deem attractive. There are numerous TikToks that rank the players, but here we're just going to rank the ones participating in the Super Bowl.

Breanne has picked her top five beginning with Deon Bush from the Chiefs.

If this is your first time reading anything about the Chiefs and 49ers players, we'll give you a bit of info about the player and Breanne's reason for ranking them.