49ers biggest offseason question proves why they should be NFC West favorites

You know, just in case anyone had any doubts.
San Francisco 49ers Rookie Minicamp
San Francisco 49ers Rookie Minicamp / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Besides that one day a year where they have to beat Patrick Mahomes for a Super Bowl, life's pretty good for the 49ers right now. They've won back-to-back NFC West titles – and three in five years – while consistently putting together deep playoff runs. They have one of the smarter offensive minds in football as their head coach, have developed some of the league's best coaching candidates on their defensive staff, and were wise enough to know that trading for (and then paying) Christian McCaffrey was a no-brainer.

And if you weren't totally convinced that the 49ers will be fine, maybe try giving Bleacher Report a moment to convince you. BR went team-by-team looking for potential weaknesses, and reader, their 49ers choice is inspired.

"Can Renardo Green hold up as the No. 2 corner? San Francisco doesn't have many holes on the roster, especially defensively. Chavarius Ward has proved to be a quality top cornerback, but the team was looking for answers at the other starting spot during the offseason. The hope is Green fills that role, which is a difficult task for a rookie, but he did impress defensive coordinator Nick Sorensen during OTAs.

At the risk of sounding extremely overconfident, something that always ages well on the internet: if the 49ers' biggest roster question/concern is whether their second-round cornerback immediately produces, that question kind of answers itself. CB2 debates being the pressing issue of training camp is the champagne problem of all NFL roster issues. Then again, given some of the other storylines floating around the team right now, it feels like the 49ers will have at least a couple bigger problems once training camp actually starts.

Still, shouts to Bleacher Report for only going after truly the most pessimistic 49ers fans possible for this bit.