When does the NFL schedule get released for 2023?

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While fans know which teams will play each other in 2023, the actual NFL schedule won’t be released until much later this spring.

The NFL schedule release has gotten more and more creative with each and every passing year. Not too long ago, it used to be a simple write-up from a handful of league insiders, finally announced by the team on its website and via email to push for fans to buy season tickets.

Now, with online media being what it is, the NFL schedule release has turned into something of a frenzy.

It’s also official: The Los Angeles Chargers have the best schedule-release announcement videos:

The San Francisco 49ers, meanwhile, attempted a Yellowstone-like NFL schedule release of their own a season ago, but it certainly failed to capture the hype of an otherwise exciting stretch of time on the league calendar.

Perhaps the Niners can try again (and succeed) with a great schedule-release video for 2023.

But, when will that be?

When is the 2023 NFL schedule going to be released?

Turns out, there’s no official date just yet for the 2023 NFL schedule release. We do know a few things, however.

First, the list of opponents each team will have has already been announced. San Francisco’s opponents for the upcoming year include the following:

49ers home opponents

Los Angeles Rams
Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks
Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

49ers road opponents

Los Angeles Rams
Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks
Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Commanders
Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers
Minnesota Vikings
Jacksonville Jaguars

As for the actual schedule release? It’s likely to be Thursday, May 11, 2023.

The NFL will probably announce an official release date at some point shortly after this year’s NFL Draft, which kicks off on Thursday, April 27. With a couple of weeks’ cushion to excite fans, that’d make the most sense.

And doing so on a Thursday seems to generate a great deal of hype and reaction going into the weekend. This is precisely what the league has done in previous seasons, too.

Expect the official announcement from the NFL to come soon, though.

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